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Post by SPACE 1899 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:45 am

I managed to find the agent contact details on the internet for Suzanne Roquette, and, so sent an email on 17 October to him asking if there was a chance that Suzanne would consider appearing at the Birmingham NEC Memorabilia Show in November.

I recieved a reply from him 2 days later on 19 October, saying that Suzanne would be willing to attend on the Saturday 20th November and asking what the terms & conditions were.

I then forwarded the email that same day (cc'd to him as well) to the Event organisers, asking them to kindly contact Suzannes agent to discuss, and neither the agent (who emailed me since) or myself have heard anything back, even though I have sent a chaser email twice since.

If anyone on the forum by any chance knows any of the Event organisers, could they very kindly get in touch with them and ask them to respond, because, quite frankly, their customer service in terms of their non response to all the above emails is really bad. Mad
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