For Sale : UFO Interceptor and Sky 1 image packs

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For Sale : UFO Interceptor and Sky 1 image packs

Post by karr1981 on Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:49 am

Hi guys,

The Captains Store is pleased to announce the next releases in our range of Original Model Reference Image Packs

We have 3 new packs:

  1. UFO Interceptor Image Pack
  2. UFO Sky One Image Pack
  3. UFO Interceptor and Sky One Multipack

The UFO Interceptor

Over 90 high resolution images of the only large interceptor studio model known to survive from the 1970's series.

Sky One

Over 160 high resolution images of the large 24" wing span hero prop built for the 1970's series.

Examining every detail, these are an invaluable model builders reference.

These Image packs are available individually for £5 as a digital Download, or £6 +P&P to have a CD version shipped.

The Multipack which consists of Both packs is available at £8.50 as a digital download, or £9.50 +P&P to have a CD version shipped

You can go ahead and purchase these now from the captains store at:



PS The images in the packs are NOT watermarked...before anyone asks hehe :-)


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