Message from Space, 1978 Japanese Sci Fi

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Message from Space, 1978 Japanese Sci Fi

Post by cowofzot on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:43 am

Inspired by Star Wars. Never heard of it, stumbled onto a VH copy few days ago. Real fun movie & very rare. Can't get a dvd of it at present.

& the final scene was identical to Star Wars where the fighter goes into the inner part of the enemy fortress & blows up the power core. Rest of the story was more original. The big baddies are attacking the innocent planet & the old wise man sends 8 magic walnuts, ( yes Walnuts), off to outer space to seek 8 warriors to save them. How these nuts became imbibed with this magic power isn't revealed. No matter, it's a Sci Fi movie with great modeling & special effects.

Sonny Chiba makes an appearance & fights the head honcho of the metal skinned meanies. Sorry, can't post links as yet. Robert's hard to find videos has some VHS copies for anyone interested. Youtube has some clips as well.


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