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Post by SPACE 1899 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:59 am

see above link for various Space 1999 German comic strips available for download - some even lovingly translated from German into English, thanks to the efforts of Patrick Zimmerman Smile

There is a note on the website stating that he hopes to translate all the comics at eventually. Just wondering - is there anyone out there who is fluent in German who could perhaps contact Patrick and offer to help translate further comics ?

Anyway in the meantime, I've downloaded to disk, the English translations that are available. Especially enjoyed the version of Dragons Domain.

Also, if anyone is interested - check out the German ebay website - I've just received 2 Zack comics (featuring Space 1999 comic strips) that I purchased the other week for a couple of quid - heck, I don't understand German, but the pictures / artwork are great, and the completist bug in me is compelling me to get them bounce
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