Space 2009 Your script

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Space 2009 Your script

Post by Commander Koenig on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:48 am

Taking an idea of the two word story thread from Senmut, write your own Space 1999 script. One person writes a scene (or two) then everyone adds another scene (or two) until we have a complete storyline. No rules really, only keep it clean (ish), sensible (ish), ensure it follows a logical flow, make it as true to Space 1999 as possible.

I'll start the ball rolling:

Long shot of Moonbase Alpha
Voice over of Helena Russell

"Moonbase Alpha Status Report: 1,309 days after leaving Earth orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.

A warm feeling is running all through Alpha following the news that Sandra Benes and Paul Morrow are to be married. Since the moon blasted out of Earth orbit we have all had to come to terms with the fact that we will probably never see our loved ones back on Earth again, and Sandra has had to accept the fact that she will never see her fiance, Peter, again. Paul is a lovely man and everyone on Alpha wishes them well."

Overhead shot of Command Centre, showing Alpha operatives busy inputting at computer consoles, two operatives discuss data, other operatives working at wall computers. One operative walks to John Koenig's desk and hands him a paper. Koenig looks at it briefly, signs it and places it on his desk. He sits back in his chair.

Commander John Koenig sat at his desk in Command Centre, watching as Alpha's operatives busied themselves at their computer consoles, and absorbing the sounds of computers, communications and conversation. Command Centre was a pleasant place to be at the moment as news of Paul and Sandra’s engagement had lifted everyone’s mood. They were a popular couple, and everyone wished them well, and looked forward to celebrating the wedding in a few months time.

Shot of Alpha corridor. Paul Morrow walking towards open door to John Koenig's quarters. Shot of Koenig inside his quarters sitting at his desk.

Later that day when he had finished his duty in Command Centre, Paul Morrow approached the open door of John Koenig’s quarters. Pausing briefly, he smiled at the conscientious Commander, seemingly absorbed in the never-ending mountain of paper work. He had known John Koenig for five years, ever since their paths had crossed when Paul was a young communications officer back on Earth and John an up-and-coming astrophysicist. Paul thought of John Koenig not only as his commander but also his friend.

“Excuse me Commander. Could I ask you something?” asked Paul from the doorway.

John looked up and smiled, pushing aside the paper he was reading. He welcomed the interruption and he always had time for Paul. A serious young man, Paul was loyal and completely trustworthy. If he had a son, he would like him to be like Paul.

“Yes of course Paul. Come in. Sit down. I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you properly,” John moved to the younger man’s side and put an arm around his shoulder, steering him to a chair.

“What’s on your mind?” asked John, sitting opposite Paul.

“Sandra and I have been talking, and we were wondering… I was wondering if you would agree to be my best man.”

John stared at Paul and for one fleeting moment could not find anything to say. Suddenly, he felt tears pricking his eyes.

“I’d be honoured Paul,” he said quietly

Over to you.....


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Commander Koenig
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Re: Space 2009 Your script

Post by s99fan on Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:25 am


Image of unique and hauntingly beautiful galaxies and nebulae, an artistic meteor flying past in the forefront. In the remote distance, small lights blink in a non-random fashion on a most peculiarly shaped spaceship.

Far away, much too far to be picked up on any Alphan scanners, a small, sentient creature sees on its scanners the approaching Moon. It crouches in its spaceship and contemplates the data. There seems to be a sort of intelligence on that large planetoid. A planetoid where there was none on just the last survey pass of this quadrant.

Perhaps exploring such a place would bring glory and triumph. Maybe exploring such a place would earn it an adult name among The People.

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